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Application Form
When would you like to start working for the host family?
How long can you stay in the UK?
Can you extend your stay in the UK? if yes, how long for
What is your full name?
What is your nationality?
Address in your home country?
If you are already in the UK, please add your UK address as well
What is your home telephone number?
What is your mobile phone number?
What is your email address?
if you have one, what is your skype address?
What is your age & date of birth?
What is your current occupation?
Please give us details of your work experience
Do you have a driving licence?
What date was your driving licence issued?
Are you confident and happy to drive in the UK?
How many years have you studied English?
What is your level of English?
Where in England would you like to be placed?
Semi Rural
What is your preferred location in the UK? How important is this location for you?
What position are you looking for?
Aupair Plus
Mother's Help
Living with elderly
Dog Walking
I am happy to take on any work
Have you worked with children
as a Babysitter
for relatives
for neighbours
in a nursery
at school
in an afterschool club
on a summer camp
as an Aupair
Please give us details of your childcare experience
Do you have any childcare qualifications?
Do you have a First Aid Certificate?
What age of children would you prefer to look after?
Do you smoke? if yes, how many a day?
Do you have any allergies? if yes, please give us more information
Can you swim?
Do you like pets? if yes do you have any?
What are your hobbies?
What is your mother's full name and occupation?
What is your father's full name and occupation?
Do you have any brothers or sisters? if yes, how old are are they?
All Aupairs are expected to help with household duties and cleaning. Are you happy to do housework?
What housework experience do you have?
Tidying up
Cleaning the kitchen floor/mopping
Cleaning the bathroom
Using washing machine
Do you have any medical problems, which could affect you living and working for the host family? if yes, please explain
Have you had any medical treatments in the past three years? if yes, please explain
Have you ever been convicted or been in a trouble with the police?
What is your full name?
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